Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

This past weekend we went to Columbus, Ohio. Ronn went to talk to the Grove City UMC pastors. So they invited the whole family up for all there activities. We went to the Columbus Zoo. Sunday night they had Trunk or Treat. They had about 200 cars lined up in there parking lot. The kids had a great time! Tegan could not resist he had to pop a sucker in while he trick or treated. :)
Tristan dressed up as Yu-Gi-Oh, Tiffany is a Spy Kid, Tegan is a Ninja. I will have more pictures of our Halloween night later. :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Picking Pumkins

We took the kids on an outing. First we went to Memory Lane Farms to check it out. This is a new orchard close to our home. Wow, it had the best apple cider!
We then headed to Jacobs Family Orchard. The kids had a great time!

They had a haunted house bouncer. I thought it looked scary to go into, but the kids had no problem.
The rule for picking out pumpkins this year was they had to be able to carry or hold it. If not we would have brought home the biggest pumpkins they had. :)
We ended the day with an old fashioned bottle of root beer. Homemade apple donuts, Carmel apples and our pumpkins. I already can't wait for next year!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Kids New Fort

The kids have a new fort out in the woods.
I tried to get pictures so you could see how big the area is. It is a really neat fort, put together with brush and a tarp. Two large tree stumps are areas in their house.

I have loved watching the kids use their imaginations. I also love that they still need us for a little longer to be around and help them. I know the time is coming when they will no longer need us so close by.

Here's the little man. This is the mood he was in that night. He looks like he doesn't feel well. He didn't play with with his siblings. He more less just stood there. He helped daddy with the fire. He loves to help get the fire going.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Butter Anyone?

That's right when this little guy gets quiet he is usually doing something he shouldn't. In this case it was the butter. I had left a brand new seal still on the butter. I didn't think he could even open it. I was wrong. His skin is nice and soft now. :)

1 More Blanket

I need to add one more blanket. This is Tristan's other favorite blanket. He sleeps and wears this one around the house. Aunt Tammy gave this to Tristan at one of our Christmas's. I can't remember what year though. I think it was it 2004. He loves it! He has been asking me if I think Aunt Tammy will make him another blanket this year for Christmas. Hint, hint he would love another blanket Tammy.:)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Blankets are a big part of our lives around here. This is Tristan's blanket, he became attached to it when he was just 6 months old. It was a gift at Tristan's baby shower from Aunt Connie and Uncle Tom. Tristan had recently misplaced the blanket and had everyone searching for it. He begged Grandma Oren to make him another one. It was hard to tell him it's not that simple. We did find it. It was in Tiffany's room.
Here is Tiffany's purple blanket. She attached herself to this blanket at 3 months old. This blanket Grandma Sorensen bought her.

Tegan has not attached himself to a blanket or anything. He has attached himself to me. :)So with his upcoming surgery I thought it would be a good idea if he had a blanket to help him through this time. We took a special trip to town so he could pick out a blanket. He thought this was a good idea. It was difficult for him to decide until he saw this one. He loves balls and once he saw this he loved it. I do hope this will help comfort him.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Thank you Uncle Kris, Aunt Tammy and little one for our Mickey pancake shaper. We have been using it and wanted to give you an official THANK YOU!!! Have a Magical Day!

Monday, October 13, 2008

On A Walk With My Peeps!

Here is Tegan in his jogger. I have been walking down our country road about a mile in all. Isn't he so cute!!Here is Molly, she's my girl. She follows me every where around the house and outside. I love not needing a leash for her.

Here are the three cats that follow us as we walk. They hide in the corn field if a car comes by. The funny things they do as we walk is cry out if I am to far ahead. When they get tired they try to lay down in front of the stroller. I try to walk slower for them, but no way am I stopping. I stop at the end of the road to give the horses attention. :)
As I was walking today I called my Mom. I told her I was walking and she heard me tell the cat and dog to get over off the road. To her surprise, she asked, "the cats follow you"? I answered "yes"? Well, aren't you embarrassed?? ( I really don't know how to answer that.) No!
So now I am wondering why should I be embarrassed? Maybe Mom can you tell me why should I be embarrassed? Heee, honestly. Heee heee :) This should be good!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I Forgot My Camera!

I wanted to have pictures of today but, forgot my digital camera. (I always carry a disposable one in the diaper bag for days like today.) At 8:30am we rushed out of the house hit a garage sale before all of our stops. We told Tracy, a friend of mine, that we would stop at her garage sale. Tracy has a hair salon in her home, and it is on Hwy 32 going towards Winchester out of Farmland.

We then rushed over to Muncie for Tumbling class. We then had lunch at McDonald's, they have monopoly game going on now. We are such suckers.:) It had to be quick lunch due to the kids being in a parade. Farmland Volunteer Fire Department sponsors a "Fire Prevention" day that has a parade and then games, prizes and a dance. We made it right on time, which I was a little stressed over making it on time. The kids loaded on the floats. This is where I would have the pictures. Tristan in a red pick-up truck with fellow Boy Scouts loaded with lots of candy and the older boys in uniform.

Tiffany and I where on the Girl Scouts hay wagon loaded with a ton of candy too. The girls wore the plastic red fire hats and all the girls and mom's had red or white shirts on. The trailer had red and white steamers and balloons. We have the best troop leaders. I fill so blessed to have such great Scout leaders for our kids.

You wouldn't think that in Oct we would have had such a hot day 80's. We where very hot on our floats. The funny thing that happened to us in the parade is a train went through and cut us off from the rest of the groups. So the parade was stalled for a while.

The rest of the day we spent in our woods cleaning up. I love it out there. Working out there brings back fond childhood memories. It also brings to mind some of my favorite movies, Narnia, First Knight, Pride and Prejudice, Secret Garden. It was a nice day for day dreams.:)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Family Time

Tonight we went out into our woods. The loggers have just finished cutting and moving about 30 trees. They have left some nice trails for us. So we are going in and starting to clean up all the paths. So once we got a good pile of limbs, we started a fire. We couldn't let that fire go without roasting something on it! There's my scouts.:) She is so brave, Tristan didn't venture very far from me. He was worried about hunters.

The kids are eating hot dogs and chips.

Roasting our marshmallow's for smores. Mmmmm!

Here is for our fellow peep lovers. We roasted our Halloween peeps to see how good that would be. They get very hot fast so be careful, but you have to a least try it once! They are good!

We saw two snakes, yes, I screamed. A cute little toad that peed on me twice.
We had a lot of fun walking through the woods. We could not of done all this either if it wasn't for our gator. Did you see all that stuff we had out there? I love that thing!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Update On Tegan

Tegan had his Neurosurgeon appointment. We talked with the Dr and thought it would be in Tegan's best interest to have Surgery. He will have surgery Friday, Nov. 14 at Riley hospital for children. He will stay in the hospital 3-4 days. Please pray for his recovery!
Grandma and Grandpa Sorensen came to the appointment. It was a nice surprise for Tegan. He soaked up all the attention.
I will have more later.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts was held at the Parker City Fire Department. The girls started with a craft then moved outside to say all their pledges.
The girls watched a movie on what to do if your house is on fire. Then they looked at all the fire trucks.

Here is the new fire truck only 2 months old. This fire truck cost 206,000 the fire dept raised the all the money through fundraisers.

They where able to squeeze every girl inside the fire truck for a ride. Make that two rides.:)

Here the girls are with fire fighter Alan. As you can tell the weather was beautiful!
We have a great Girl Scout leader! She is really on top of everything and makes sure everyone is having a great time. She is doing a great job!!

Monday, October 6, 2008


Sunday was a day of relaxing. Ronn went to early service and then went to pick up Tristan from Grandma's. I wasn't feeling very good so we stayed home and watched our church service on the computer. I must say it was awesome to stay home and worship. It was so neat to sing with Tiffany the praise band. Pastor Kris's sermon was excellent! How To Be Rich! Not how to become rich, but how to be rich. You should check out his blog he has a post on this topic.
So today, Monday I get to do fun stuff. I get to clean the house and clean up after Tegan. Tonight is Boy and Girl Scouts. Tristan's den will meet in Parker city and Tiffany is going to the Parker City fire station. I will have pictures up tomorrow.
Have a great day!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Our Busy Week

This week was a very busy week for us. Monday, Haiti missionary's came in to have a meeting with Jim and Ronn. I was able to meet them and go to lunch with Ronn. Tiffany had gymnastics on Monday. We are trying to find a good fit for Tiffany in gymnastics. We then had Girl Scouts on Monday night as well.
Wed. was a packed day too. My mom came up to watch Tegan and the kids while I helped Ronn at work. I helped label items before they where loaded onto a semi to be shipped to Haiti for the mission programs their. CSI had bought 2 years worth of food as well as personal items and medical items. We ended up not able to get everything loaded on the semi. Mostly soap for the medical clinic. Tiffany had gymnastics that night. Which we found a good gymnastics program to enroll her in. Yeah!
Thursday the kids had friends over after school. Then hair appointments for the kids.
Friday the kids had half a day of school. We went to Franklin area to go to the Chiro and my hair apt. Great news as well is that we have an offer on our house in Franklin.:) We are hoping that everything goes thru on that. Tristan is spending the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa Sorensen.
Saturday Ronn has been at an CSI board meeting all day. In which I volunteered to pick up the lunch and have it ready for them. The kids and I went shopping, now Ronn is at his parents with the kids having hot dogs and s'mores while I get the house cleaned and catch up on everything from this busy week. I thought of my blog so many times, only family became the priority, not to mention all the homework.

I had forgotten my camera earlier in the day. I wish I had pictures of all the food. I took this late in the afternoon. Ronn taking some items back into CSI that did not fit in the semi.
This semi was packed top to bottom, no room wasted! I do pray everything gets there safely.