Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Field Trip

Friday we took a field trip to the Creation Museum in Petersburg,KY. This museum shares about the Bible and science from the christian perspective. You can click on the Creation Museum to go to the web site. My back ground hides that it is highlighted.
Dad went with us, so Tegan had his "Buddy" along. We celebrated Dad's Birthday while we were there. Happy Birthday, Dad!
The kids enjoyed the Dinosaur exhibit. They also were drawn to the sand that the Dino's stood in. So that was interesting keeping them out of the sand.

This petting zoo is the best!! Ever animal came to the kids and we could not get enough of these gentle animals. Even the camel would take his food from our hands very gentle. This is a Zonkey. We all enjoyed the Zonkey, but this is one of Tegan's favorite too. He really likes Zebra's. He fell in love with them when we stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.
As you can tell we loved this area. Tegan's favorite was the pig. Tiffany and Tristan fell in love with the donkey. As we left the donkey put his ears down and followed us out as we left. I think he captured all our hearts. ( *disclaimer not all of us loved the petting zoo, Ronn does not like petting zoo's so he took pictures instead.):)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Disney Came To Us!!!

Disney came to us!!! Right here in Bargersville, Indiana! It was great we did not have to get in a car or plane to travel all the way to Florida. It was a short 10 min. drive. Tegan the whole way insisted Daddy drive faster! The little town of Bargersville was all closed off. So we parked in a field and they shuttle us in on tractor. What an experience, this tractor did not go slow! Disney has a new movie coming out, A Christmas Carol. To publicize the movie they have set up a train for people to walk threw. They have the characters of the movie, models of the scenes and how they made the movie. The movie comes to theaters Nov. 6th, 2009.
Here is our long wait! Would we have waited if we did not psych the kids up? No Way! This is looking at just one end of the line. It was also hot! It really felt like Disney!! Long lines and freaking hot! :)
We are about to board the train, just 2 hours 45 min 54 seconds to wait for this one time experience.
The rooms where set up so beautiful. They had some interactive areas and how they made the movie. These pictures are just some of the characters that are in the movie.
I guess, it was worth the wait in line.:) It looks like it will be a great movie! I have more pictures, if you are interested in anything else let me know.

Our trip back to the car was filled with fun too. The kids loved the air rushing into their mouths. Reminds me of dogs sticking their heads out of the car window. :)
As you can tell Tiffany lost her front tooth. She had lost it a while back, but I think this is the first picture that you can see that she lost her tooth.
Tegan is into trains and planes. He loves this train shirt! I thought it was fitting to wear to the event.:)


Thanks everyone for your comments! I had some technical difficulty on my end, in which I was unable to get my pictures to down load to my computer. Ronn helped me out.
While talking to a friend, I told her I thought I would take a break from blogging. I had gone such a long time from blogging, I thought maybe I should take a break. She convinced me other wise. Thanks!;)
I will try to have more pictures of my little Goonies too. As I think back to one of my favorite shows, this group is a lot like the characters. This is a very interesting group to watch as they play together. We may have a reality show on our hands.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back Yard Gang

Neighborhood friends! These kids have become really good friends over the summer.

Enjoying activities together.
Gymnastic buddies!


All about Tegan

Tegan's first time flying a kite! His kite went 400 feet in the air. Mom had the fun of bringing in the kite. Tegan had fun letting the kite out.

Loveland Castle in Ohio. Tegan has become a knight.

Tegan had a weekend with Mom and Dad just to himself. We all had fun, swimming and seeing sites and even eating out. Just the three of us.

Tegan climbing on our new swing set for the first time.

Tegan loves Homeschool Pre-school, he loves craft time!