Thursday, March 26, 2009

P.S I Love You

Have you seen the movie P.S I Love You??? It's about a husband and wife and the husband dies from a brain tumor. Before he passes he lines up letters for her to receive after he is gone. I cry ed through the whole thing. I want to mention I watched this by myself, Ronn has never seen it.
Ronn left for Ireland on a missions trip on March 14th and was gone for a week. Ronn had left me a letter for each day he was gone. Each letter had how that day got it's name. Some days he had the kids and I on a hunt for where he left the gift. Some days it was for us to go out to eat. The last day he surprised me with flowers that were delivered and a card that had a message from him. It was all very thoughtful!! You could tell he put a lot of work and thought into each gift. The week ended up going by quickly. Ronn really made me feel special. This really reminded me of the movie. The man in the movie was from Ireland too. It was a little weird, I am glad to say he made it home safely.
Jessie stayed the week with me and helped out with the kids. She was a great help! Mom helped out a lot too. She taught Tristan that week, even had him spend a couple of nights.
I am happy to say that Ronn is taking us with him on this next trip. We are going to visit the missionaries in Jamaica. The kids and I are very excited. Tegan is going to stay with Grandma and Grandpa. He gets his own little vacation. He is going to be so spoiled.:)
We are all packed, the kids have their passports ready. We packed early so that I would hopefully keep remembering things that needed to be packed.
We are going to Jamaica with one of Ronn's co-workers and his family. We are also going with another great couple to see if they feel called into missions. Please pray for this couple that the Lord would lead and guide them. Thanks!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Best Birthday Ever!!

This has been the best Birthday ever! The funny thing is it started out with me upset about my Birthday. Ronn only smiled at me knowing that it was going to get better. He was right, it got a lot better! Ronn made me and the kids breakfast. At noon Ronn brought back lunch and the party started from there. Mom and Dad came and my friend Tami and her kids. I opened presents and got everything I asked for, and then some! See my Wii Fit??? Yeah!!! I was lead around the house with clues to find my Wii Fit. It was a lot of fun. Ronn really surprised me with everything today. I can't forget to mention the beautiful flowers and balloons that where delivered as well today. This evening we all went to Rascal's Fun Zone. We all had a lot of fun!! Ski Ball is Tegan's favorite!
This was a favorite by the older kids. The winner also received a lot of tickets.
Inside Rascal's is Baha Mini Bowling. Mom, Dad, Tami and her kids Joey and Hannah, and our kids, all played. Dad sprained his back playing arcade games with Tegan. That won't keep Dad down, he and Ronn had a friendly competition at bowling. Dad won even with a sprained back.

This is Tegan's first time bowling. Look at the little mini bowling balls we bowled with.
This is really all of our first time mini bowling. Tegan loved it, I would bring him again he liked it so much. He even snuck behind Tami at times and bowled for her.

Next was the go-carts in the indoor track. This was a lot of fun too.

This is Tami and Joey. Look out you might get run over!:)
Hannah was so sweet, she chose me to be her chauffeur.
Even with the kids in the go-carts the competition was on!
We even let mom drive one.:) This too should have been video taped! As far as we know no one was injured. She started out first and came in last.
The kids being CRAZY!!
This was such a great day! Ronn and everyone really made it a special day for me. Thanks you guys!!
I have this next picture on here for Mom. She kept staring at me while we ate dinner. I will be staring at my own kids to when they are 31 too. I know it's hard to think about what will your children will look like and be doing when they are in their 30's. So here is a picture Mom you can stare at on the computer.

I'm sorry this picture is so blurry. I just took it quickly with my camera so I could get it on my blog. At this late hour, this is as technical as I get. :) Here I am at 5 or 6 yrs old.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It's official!!Tristan is homeschooling and loves it! Here he is at the kitchen table studying math. Grandma Sorensen is his teacher. She has her teaching degree and loves teaching him. I am blessed to have her! Thanks Mom for all you do!
Last year we home schooled at the church. We have just decided to stay at the house to make it easier on me and the kids. So we are in the process of turning the formal dining room into Tristan's new class room. We are all really excited with this transition.
Tiffany will also start homeschooling. She will finish kindergarten at the school. It is only half of the day. Her school room will be in the loft. That way they are able to focus on their studies and not what the other one is doing. We will have bible and history, maybe even science together. We are so excited that it is working out and everyone has good attitudes.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Tristan came down with the flu and strep throat. We ended up at a specialist that said that we should have his tonsils removed. Due to insurance we have to wait until April. I am hoping he stays well and we can get by with not having them removed.
Since Tristan has been so sick we thought it would be best to start homeschooling him. So Tristan is an official homeschooler. He is very excited. He has wanted to be home schooled for the last 3 months.
Tiffany is finishing up Kindergarten this year and will be home schooled next year. She is feeling better. She missed a week of school due to the flu.
Tegan was sick as well but, is feeling better. He is a busy guy, lots to explore.
I am very proud of the kids! They have really been helping around the house and doing their chores. It feels like we have been through a lot with everyone so sick. It feels good to get back to normal.