Monday, August 10, 2009

School's In Session

School has started for us on August 3rd, 2009. We have had a great start!
Have you wondered what we have been up to? We have been to the famous Jungle Jim's and loved it! We have been to Olentangy Caves in Ohio, lived to tell about it. Ronn is claustrophobic, and he made it okay. He just left the cave a little early.
Ronn celebrated his Birthday with an almost surprise party.:) Mom, said something to someone when she thought he couldn't hear at praise practice. I did pull off a successful surprise party on his 30th Birthday though.
Mike, my cousin from Iowa visited. He took the kids fishing and they loved fishing! They also loved, Mike!
We took the kids camping as a last family outing before school.
I'm ready for us to be back on a schedule.
Tristan's class room. This is on the first floor in the house. Grandma teaches Tristan's class. Mom has her teaching degree. She is using her own curriculum this year instead of something ordered.
Here is Tiffany's class, her school room is on the second floor. Mom and I are so proud of our classrooms. Tiffany's curriculum is through A Beka which is a class on the DVD. We love it! I love how the kids have bible class before school everyday that they watch from A Beka. I've heard our kids sharing with the neighbor kids about the bible lessons. They are so excited when telling the other kids. That's when all doubt if your doing the right thing goes away.

I should of taken a picture of Tegan and Jessie. We have a babysitter come and play with Tegan while we are at school. This has worked out awesome!