Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I am way behind on updating. Tristan came down with Strep Throat again on Thursday. This is his third time having it. He is feeling better though.
Tiffany started running a high temp Sunday morning. Took her to the Dr Monday they ran a strep throat test and it came back neg. So they took a flu test. Sure enough it came back positive. She had the flu shot as well earlier in the season.
I have been feeling under the weather too. Tiffany has been so sick that she likes someone right beside her at all times. So Ronn and I have been busy tending to her and staying right beside her.
We have been babysitting Courtney for mom and dad. They are at Grandpa's 90th Birthday party over the weekend. Dad has called every day to check on his dog. Not the kids or us the dog. The dog is fine. She has it good we are all sick so we are all laying around. What more could a dog ask for.:) Oh, I might mention that Courtney has a sprained knee so the dog is on med's too. We are all sickies! I bet your glad your reading this and not at our house! :)
Not to sure when I will post again. I just havn't felt like touching the computer or the house. I would like to hibernate right about now.:)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Tiffany's Cheer Night

Here Tiffany is at the high school getting ready to meet up with the cheer-leaders. She was so excited! All the girls whore their hair over to the side. It was really cute! Tiffany was not shy and did a great job. She is now wanting to join in a cheer leading group. I will probably look into it. She loves it so. Cheer leading has not ever been my thing. I played sports in school. I was in a couple of plays at school too. I think it's great that Tiffany can have something she really enjoys doing and thinking about.:)
I took other pictures, but I was sitting to far away. They came out really dark being in the gym.
It was a fun night for her. She didn't want to leave.

Friday, February 6, 2009


This week has gone bye quickly. Tiffany had cheer-leading practice tonight. The Franklin High School had a fundraiser for the elementary kids to join them at the next home game to cheer during the basketball game. Tiffany had a blast tonight. She will be doing her cheer tomorrow night at the boys varsity game. I will try to have pictures. I took pictures tonight only the pictures turned out to dark to post.
At practice tonight they even had mascot practice for the younger kids. It was so funny. They have a part in the cheer tomorrow as well. There is 5 of them I think and they all have a different mascot uniforms they are wearing.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Tiffany Lost Another Tooth!

Tiffany lost another tooth!! She was upstairs watching t.v. Down she came with another tooth. I was quit surprised to say the least. Her two adult teeth are already poking through.
It was hard getting this picture. Tiffany did not want to hold still and Tegan was getting into the guitars. It's been crazy around here. Mostly due to Tegan, he is feeling better so he is now making up for all that time he was sick. :) He is feeling so much better. Praise God!
Tristan and Tiffany are doing well in school. They have made some great friends. I am so proud of them!