Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumkin Patch

Trying to pick the perfect pumpkin can be hard work!

It takes a lot of time to get that perfect pumpkin, even putting back a few before you can decide on the right one.
Tegan knew right away which one he was going to get.
Tristan went for the little pumpkins. I think he was drawn to the huge hill that made up the smaller pumpkins. He spent most of his time at that pile.

Tiffany had the hardest time trying to find her pumpkins. She had no problems getting the gunk out though. She not only cleaned out all her pumpkins, but helped Tegan finish his too.
As I watched the kids picking out their pumpkins, I cringed. It was so hard not to say anything. I did try to help, but that didn't get me anywhere. I would say "don't you want a bigger pumpkin"? :) Ronn finally said, why don't you pick out a pumpkin for yourself?:) Well, I didn't say much after that. :)
So Tegan picked out the biggest pumpkin. (Yes, I did go over and encouraged his final decision) Before we left for the pumpkin patch, I thought Tristan would have come home with the biggest pumpkin. Who knew?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We Had Babies!

Here are Ree's Babies. This is Tiffany's cat that we let her bring back from our farmhouse. She had 5 baby kittens. My favorite kitten is the orange and the kids favorite is the black kitten, perfect for Halloween. I must say Ree is one of the best mothers I have seen.
They are all in the garage and just this morning I found that she had moved all of them. We had quite a few neighbor kids looking at them yesterday. She didn't move them far, they are now in another box that is tipped on it's side.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


We spend our Saturday's watching Tristan play soccer. His team name is England. This is one of my favorite games. He was so close to scoring in this game. We won this game 9-1. Go England!
Our neighbor friend came to watch the game too. Tegan spent the whole time snuggling with her. Tegan loves her so much, he begs for her to hold him all the time. She is so patient with him.
Tiffany has lost her other front tooth. Yah! Tiff's favorite thing about the soccer games is seeing her friends. I love watching her play and interact with others. She is actually very entertaining.;)