Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas! We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!
The Orens!
God Bless!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's Been 2 Long!!!

This is just some of things I have missed blogging about. Being to busy is an understatement for the last couple of weeks. We put up our Christmas tree right before Thanksgiving so everyone could enjoy it. It also helped since we were in the middle of moving to get it up and clean the mess up all at once. Thanksgiving was fun! Mom never fails at having interesting food and fun conversation at the table. We missed Kris, Tammy and Shelby very much at Thanksgiving this year! Kris was very sick over Thanksgiving, but is feeling much better now.
Well, here it is, the dressing. This is always a topic of conversation. What is mom going to do to the stuffing this year? This has a nice burnt, I mean crisp, crunchy top. Other than that it was really good. This picture is for Kris so he could see what stuffing he missed this year.
This is Tiffany's new kitten we brought with us from the farm house. Tiffany named her Reese. This has added lots of fun to the house. Tristan picked out an orange cat from the farm as his cat. He has named him Leo. I don't have any pictures of Leo yet. I will have to start taking pictures of him and Tristan together.
This is Jamie Barton she is a missionary from Jamaica. We all loved having her stay with us! We didn't want her to leave. She was a blessing to our family. She really helped Tegan keep his mind off his head/stitches that were really bothering him.
This is our family spending time together. Ronn had just gotten back from Haiti.(I mean literally, he was home maybe an hour or less before we started to make cookies.) Ronn was in Haiti for a week. So the kids wanted to bake and frost sugar cookies. It was a lot of fun and a mess at the same time! Ronn being gone has helped me appreciate all he does for us. We all really missed him this past week.

My little man just turned 2!!! We are so blessed to have this little guy in our lives. To think of all that he has been through. He is feeling really good, now that the stitches have fallen out. I was truly amazed at how good he acted during his Birthday. The surgery has helped him so much.
Thank you everyone for coming to Tegan's Birthday party! He loves all of his gifts!
Happy Birthday Tegan! I love you very much!!!
So that is a little taste of what has happened here. I also last Monday started my new part time job. I have my old job back at Tabernacle Christian church as the children's director. I was fortunate that Tab had my job still open. I love working with the kids.