Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Quick Update

Tristan is doing really well since he had his tonsils taken out. Last night was the first night he went with no medicine during the night. It has been a long and hard road of recovery, but he is finally feeling better.
Ronn is returning tonight from Jamaica. The kids have missed him a lot. Mostly Tegan, where's my daddy? I wanna go.
Jessie is helping us out with the kids. She has been a God send. This is the first time in a long time that I feel like I might be able to tackle my to do lists and still have the kids and house get the attention they deserve. Yeah!!!
Homeschooling is going really well. Grandma is teaching and doing an awesome job!! It is amazing how much the kids are soaking up. She teaches them in such a way that they actually get it. Tristan has had off while he has been sick.
I think that is a quick update. Next on our list is getting everything ready for Tiffany's Birthday party. She is turning 6 yrs old. She has a friend over right now. I am getting ready to take them to the park. Never a dull moment around here.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tristan's Getting His Tonsils Out!

Tristan is scheduled for surgery tomorrow to have his tonsils removed in the morning. (Tuesday) He is very afraid. He is mostly afraid of not knowing what to expect and worried about the pain. Please for the next couple of weeks lift him up in prayer.
Thanks everyone!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kids In Jamaica

I wanted to share some more photo's from Jamaica. I put some photo's together of the kids who where together in Jamaica.
It was raining the day we went to the beach. It didn't seem to affect the kids. We had a good time bonding as a group.

Here the kids are washing their feet before lunch. They had been playing in the grass and had to wash up before they went inside. Pinto came out and dried the kids feet. That really touched me, how she went out of her way to take care of the kids.
Tristan and Sam had become good buddies.
Here Tiffany is having the best day of her life. We are shopping at the open market. Tiffany had a great time having every one's attention on her and all the jewelry. Oh,all the jewelry. Tiffany and I could have spent all day here. ;)
This is the day we traveled home. Breakfast went a little long for them. All the kids where excellent! They helped make this a great trip!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

The kids made us this Easter card for Ronn and I. When we came down stairs to go to church the kids were their to greet us. This was made possable because of Jaden. She is very creative and thoughtful! The kids love her. In fact as I am writing this Tegan is saying "I want Jaden" over and over.
Here the kids are in their new Easter outfits. Tiffany has a tirra on her head and a very shiny diamond necklace on from Jamaica. I can't tell if Tristan likes getting his picture taken.:) Thanks Jaden for taking a family picture for us!
This one is on here for Kris. Mom finally made a great meal from start to finish. She cooked roast, carrots, and potatoes. For dessert she made this Easter egg cake. Ronn asked dad what he rated the dessert because Ronn wasn't going to have any. Dad said he would give it a "9"! We all laughed. So with that Ronn had to try it. You won't believe it Ronn gave the dessert a 9 also. I have to say mom did a good job! You would be so proud of her. :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Carnival

Today was our Easter Carnival at church. I was in charge of the event. So this past week I had put in a lot of time getting all the finishing touches ready for the carnival. Thank you to my family for helping me out this past week. I couldn't of done it with out you! Here are a few of my favorite pictures and pictures of what took place at the carnival. Dad was the speaker for our children's moment. He did a great job! Thanks dad!! The kids all hunted eggs and then off to the carnival area. Here Tegan is squirting out sin. The kids soak a candle to get the flame to go out.
Jaden is here for the weekend. She has been a great help around here!

Here Tiffany is with some of her friends. They are working on their craft which is a Easter bunny frame. We had taken each child's picture and they could put it in their frame that they finished.

This is Tegan getting his hand painted. He thought his hand being painted would be better than his face.:)
Here is Tristan with one of the puppies. The animals where a big hit with all ages.

The kids had a good time and had a lot of favorites. Tiffany loved the face painting and the bounce house. Tristan loved the bounce house and the toss game. He was really good at the toss game and won a lot of prizes.:) Tegan loved the bunnies. He wanted to spend all his time outside with the animals.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I'm back... Ronn has gone to bed so I don't think he will be blogging for me tonight. I am adding Jamaica pictures. We had a awesome time! I loved that the kids could go with us. I can't say enough good things about the trip.
These are pictures at the mission house. This house is so beautiful! The picture below is looking out at their drive way. It is so gorgeous!

This is a meeting area in the back of the mission house. Any direction you look is just amazing.

The cottage sits in the back yard too.

Jody and Pinto in the kitchen. They are a lot of fun! Here are some pictures of the staff in Jamaica.

The girls are getting ready for school. They are eating breakfast. I will have more pictures of the kids later.

Nick passing through the kitchen.

Here is John. I would love to leave it at that. Only, I could tell he really used his manners around me. So next time we meet, I hope he will be his funny and joking self. Bring it on John! :)

Jamie with the kids. We had the privilege of having Jamie in our home for a week in Dec. It was great to spend time together again. The kids love her!

Here is just a little bit from Jamaica. I wanted to show different angles of our trip. So this one I focused on the staff and house in Jamaica. I hope that one day your paths will cross with this great staff serving in Jamaica.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jamaica Trip with Ronn

Jamaica Trip with Ronn
Congratulations Ronn!!! Ronn accepted a new job with CSI. As of April 1st he is the new Executive Director. We found out the great news while we where in Jamaica. Jamaica was incredible!------

To Yvettes audience...I have just Hijacked her blog!!!!Thanks honey for the note above! What you do not know, Yvette, is that while you are trying to put Tegan to sleep, I am secretely letting everyone see some pictures of Jamaica! We will see how long it takes you to figure out I have hijacked your blog!!!!! RO