Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pictures From Last Week

We took a better picture of Tegan's scar. This is Sunday the 16th the night we got him home. I will update the blog as he heals. Here are some of our visitors. Tegan loves Jaden! It really made his day to see her.
Grandpa Sorensen visiting with the family.
Grandpa Oren visiting. Thanks Grandpa for feeding the dog and cats while we are away.
Aunt Janet visiting. Thanks for coming over and cheering us up!
The Barr family visited Tegan too. Thanks everyone for showing Tegan how much you care for him!

Grandma spent the week with us while Ronn was gone. She helped entertain the kids. Stephen our neighbor boy was over a lot visiting too. Grandma is blowing bubbles for the kids.
Here Tegan is this morning. He is feeling really good. He has not needed to take Tylenol yet today. Yeah! We are Grandpa and Grandma's house while I get some computer work done. He loves spending time here!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I am at work with Ronn today. I really enjoy helping out in the office. I have some down time so I thought I'd update you. I am kicking myself, I forgot my camera at home. I will try hard to get some pictures up soon.
It has been over a week now from Tegan's surgery. If he didn't have he scar on the back of his head you would never know he had any surgery. Praise God!! After his surgery I thought we where in for a long recovery. He is still very clingy, but is getting better.
Tiffany was invited to a birthday party this weekend by a boy in her class. I was the only parent to stay.:) She is a little clingy too. She had a really good time. I am so thankful they invited her. Tiffany is feeling better about school now. The dropping off and picking her up is still very scary for her.
Tristan woke up this morning crying, not wanting to go to school. We worked it out though. He is a spy today and is going to find the real problems at school. I know! Hey, I think it worked.:) I talked with his teacher on the phone today and she had no idea he was so unhappy. She is moving him to a different seat and trying to find him a buddy. The teacher was very nice about the whole thing. I hope my spy comes home wanting to stay in his class.
Ronn had an awesome week. I hope he is able to blog about it. He was with the missionaries from CSI this past week. They all met in Florida and had workshops and a lot of free time to get to know each other better.
For me I had an incredibly stressed out week. Even though Tegan is better, there are times he screams and cries a lot. I hated to see my kids go to a new school scared and having bad days. We got through it though. I would have lost the other half of my mind if my Mom and Dad weren't there to help out. Thanks Mom and Dad!!! I knew it was going to be stressful due to all the odd circumstances. So with that my time is up and I have to go back to work. Hoping that this week is a better one. :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thank You!!!

Thank you to everyone for your prayers!! Tegan is doing so well! He is eating and sleeping great! This morning when he woke up you could tell he was in little pain. It has been a stressful, but good recovery since we have been home. It truly is amazing how little ones recover so quickly.
I am sorry not to update. We have no Internet at the house yet and I have not been able to get away to update anyone.
God is good! Thank you again for your prayers.
Tristan and Tiffany starting a new school has also been stressful on us this week. Tristan is having a hard time with the kids in his class. Tristan has a lot of naughty kids in his class.
Tiffany has anxiety at the beginning of class. The students are very nice in her class so this has helped a lot. I would really appreciate it if you would hold Tristan and Tiffany in your prayers.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tegan Update #3

Last night Tegan's morphine med's made him to relaxed and he had to have oxygen last night. He is starting to become spunky. Every couple of hours he would wake up and start to take out his oxygen and take off all his wires. He would do this quietly, not fast so I wouldn't come right over.

I really appreciate all your prayers! Yesterday at 3:30pm he was playing and eating.

I thought maybe he had gone down hill when the oxygen went on last night. I was wrong. Tegan ate some breakfast and has been drinking well. Today he really wanted to be held. As I was holding him his Ivy started bleeding. So the nurse called the Dr. and they said since he was eating and drinking the nurse could keep it out. He now is taking all his med's orally.

The Dr came in a little bit ago. Since he is taking all his med's orally she said if we like we can take him home today. We have to make sure he eats before 4:00pm. If he eats and drinks well he will be discharged. He will still be really tired, but as long as we keep up what we have been doing here in the hospital she thinks it will be okay. It is also a plus that we now live 30min from the hospital. He is not eating all that great of a lunch. He fell a sleep. So keep praying he keeps eating so we can tend to him at home.

His stitches look really good. The Dr did an awesome job! So we have 3 hours before we know if he can go home. Tegan is in a good sleep. I think he is catching up on sleep since he has the ivy out. I hope he wakes up soon and eats. I will keep ya posted.
Eating his crackers yesterday
This is a picture taken from today. He is sitting up and eating gold fish. He had Daddy helping him. Notice his bandage is gone! :)

Here is Tegan' s scar.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tegan update #2

The Dr just stopped in the room. He is in a lot of pain still so he will spend the night in the ICU again tonight. The hope is then tomorrow that he will then get a regular room. He is needing to drink more. So if you are reading this, the new request for prayer is that he feels well enough to start drinking more fluids.
Mom and Dad are here now to give give me a lunch break.


I am so glad this night is over. I have never been so happy to see time fly bye!
Tegan is in and out of sleep. He still calls out for me when he wakes up. Every time he awakes he looks afraid. I think he is also afraid to cry and cough due to his head hurting. He is also frightened anytime he is moved. Which means he does not move his head at all. They have up the pain med's to every two hours to get on top of the pain. The nurse was very good last night. His heart rate was up all night. They think due to the pain. So that is why they are giving the med's more often. So far this morning his heart rate looks better and he seems to be sleeping comfy. His room is kept very dark and quiet.
Daddy and Tiffany stopped by this morning. It was good to see them. When Tegan saw them I thought his heart rate would go up. It went down! Having them here really relaxed him. Tiffany did a great job being quiet. Keep up the prayers!!!! I'll up date you when I have more.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Tegan's Surgery

The day started early for us. We had to be at Riley at 6:00am. Tegan did such a good job waiting and getting all the procedures done. He went to get an MRI done first, to see if he had any spinal complications. Praise God, he didn't have anything wrong.Everyone was light hearted. I made it with out much crying. Yeah!

Having Tammy and Shelby's company really helped. Thanks you guys!!

Tegan is resting peacefully. He wakes up now and then calling out mom. The Dr said she was glad that we had the surgery. His little brain was compacted, needing the decompression in the lower part of his skull. His brain had swelling, even his veins were engorged. So the decompression was a success and we had all made the right choice for Tegan.
Please pray for pain relief and that he will have a quick recovery. Thank you again for all the prayers!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Our New House & Tegan

Here is a picture of our house. I didn't realize how much I missed living here. I love this house! God has been showing us over and over that we are on the right track with moving back. We have moved in and registered for school. We have been blessed with great teachers again. The kids will start back on Tuesday. Please be praying for them as they start a new school and meeting new friends.

The house is taking shape and looking really good. I am actually thankful to have moved so fast. It has really kept my mind off the surgery. This week would have been really hard on me. This past couple of hours I have tried hard not to cry.

Tegan will be going into Riley first to have an MRI 7:30am then at 9:30am his Chiari Decompression will begin. This will take 3-5 hours. He will then stay in the hospital 3-4 days. Thank you to everyone for all your prayers!!!!! You know who you are and we really appreciate you!! Please continue to pray and pray for a quick recovery so we can get him home right away!! I will try to update this blog as much as I can. Want to learn more about Chiari click on Lacy's blog. Thanks!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


That's right we are moving. I have heard a lot of people say, "but you just got here". We where going to close on our house in Franklin, IN on the 30th of October. 2 hours before closing we got the phone call that it all fell through. The agent said it was very unusual for it to happen the way it did.
A couple of weeks before closing it looked like we where needing to move back to Franklin area. So we had been praying that if we where to move back that the house would fall through. We knew then when the agent called that no doubt we are to move back. Ronn's job has changed a lot so he is able to work from home some of the time. He is traveling and speaking a lot on weekends. Which has been fun for all of us to go on as well. We will need more help from my parents though, with Ronn speaking more. So this actually works out great to be closer to my parents. Tegan has really missed his Pa.:) We will live only 10 min from my parents.
Franklin is also closer to the Indy airport which helps with Ronn's job too. The funny thing is we like to move. It has never bothered us that God calls us to different places for any reason. We love meeting new people. We also like that we can us our gifts God has given us
I have a picture of our house I will post later. I can't find right now. I have miss placed with all the moving boxes. So we have been very busy packing.
Well my child just got a permanent marker and marked himself and the wall. That's my signal I have to get off the computer.
Tegan's surgery is Friday. Please be praying for him. I hope to post something before then. If not I am sure you will understand. God Bless!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Revival Weekend

I haven't had a post in a while. I have been very busy. I will explain on the next post why I am so busy.
This weekend though it's Revival Time! Ronn and my brother Kris are leading revival at my dad's church, Providence Christian Church. Last year at this time at Providence Christian the boys lead the revival. It's neat to have all three of the guys lead the services.
So this weekend we are all at mom and dad's house. We have been laughing so hard that our stomach's hurt. I have even had tears. We mostly have great stories that mom has provided us with. Mom you really need to write a book or start blogging all these stories!! Think of how your grandchildren will benefit. They will not have to wonder why they are the way they are. :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun!

The kids started the festivities off with a costume parade at school.
Tiffany is a Spy Kid from the movies Spy Kids.
Tristan is a pirate. He had two costumes this year and ended up be able to wear both of them this Halloween. The parade was so much fun. I really enjoyed watching all the kids.

That right you saw Pastor Kris pregnant. No one knew, he just started showing. He actually is caring a little low. I think he might deliver before Tonya.

We then headed over to the Fall Festival at Farmland friends church. The kids enjoyed playing games and making crafts. Tegan is pumpkin bowling.

The kids are playing find the needle(candy) in the hay stack.

We topped the night off with Trick or Treating with Maggie and Bill. The kids had Halloween fun from 1:30pm-8:00pm.