Monday, September 29, 2008

Ronn's Home From Ireland

Ronn is home from Ireland! We are all happy he is back! Check out his pictures from Ireland on his blog http://www.ronnsblog.com/.

He brings back the neatest items! This is a package of assorted chocolates!!

He brings the kids neat items as well. Tegan has gotten a musical instrument each trip now. It is a hit. As you know Tegan loves music. Ronn has spoiled me too, with jewelry and perfume.:)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tiffany's First Field Trip

Tiffany's first time riding the school bus. She is sitting with her good friend Tobi. We are on our way to Dougherty Orchard in Cambridge City.

Our tour took us to the refrigerator where they make the apple cider. Mmmm..

Here we are picking apples in the orchard. It is so hard just picking one apple!

Tiffany and Tobi enjoying their apple. Next we had our lunch.

Grandma Sorensen and Tegan joined us on the field trip. Tegan loved the pumpkins, and the petting zoo.

Here is Tiffany's class all 18 of them. :) Mrs Kritsch is her teacher, she is doing a great job with the kids!

Monday, September 22, 2008

First Day Of Fall

Ahhh, the signs of fall. This is our neighbors harvesting the soy beans. This is the field that is east of our house. We have a tree line that separates our property. It might look like fall, but it does not feel like fall. It is 83 degrees outside today.

We went to Red Lobster for lunch today with Daddy. Tegan got see and feel one of the lobsters. I couldn't resist I had to touch too.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Farm Cats

Here are our cats we have inherited. I love having outside cats. My mom always told me growing up that when I was on my own I could have as many cats as I wanted. So here they are.:) I also find this funny due to Ronn always putting a limit on animals too. Did I mention I love life right now.:)
This orange guy is my favorite! I have always loved orange cats. My very first orange cat I had growing up was named Leo. I am still finding the right name for this guy.

This is fluffy, she is the only long hair cat we have outside. She had kittens 2 weeks ago. May she never have kittens again. She is not very bright.
I need someone techi around for this one. I can't figure out how to get the picture the right way. IF it really bothers you leave a comment and I will have Ronn help me. You can just leave a comment too. I like knowing more than my mom reads my blogs. Hi. Mom! :)

This little guy is one of our favorites, Tristan has named him Trooper. He follows us everywhere and has a great personality.
The other kittens love him too. There mother has gone missing for awhile so he has stepped in and lets them nurse him. Yes, I said him. The kittens suck on his hair. It is a sight!

Here are two out the three kittens in a litter. They are always playing.
We have a total of 4 new baby kittens on the farm. Free kittens!!

This is Princess. Yes, she really is a drama queen. She posed for each one of her pictures. She would make a great cat for a commercial. She is the mommy of two new kittens.
She looks like a bobcat from a distance. Which I have mistaken her for when she was pregnant.

Here is my boy I love driving around! (This is his favorite Chucky Cheese cup.)

He has the best walk. He walks very macho, I wonder who he has been watching?:)
I love this little guy!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Little Miss Muffet

In Tiffany's class today they are to dress up as a Nursery rhyme.Tiffany is Little Miss Muffet. Before school we acted the rhyme out. We had a lot of fun! Little Miss Muffet Sat on a tuffet,

Eating curds and whey,
There came a big spider
And sat down beside her,

And frightened Miss Muffet away.

Here is the stage crew, Tristan as the spider. Lead role Tiffany as Little Miss Muffet.

Things I Love

I Love my Life! Since last night I have been thinking of all the things I love in my day to day schedule. I am very lucky, because I am a stay home mom.
I LOVE taking the kids to and from school.
I LOVE taking Tegan and the kids for rides on the gator.
I LOVE it when Ronn gets home so I can hear about his day.
I LOVE all the cats and dogs on this farm.:)
I LOVE tucking my kids in at night.
I LOVE Reading.
I LOVE reading their Bibles to them at night, I love reading the Adventure Bible, I can't put it down!
I LOVE this time in our lives!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Craft Time

I wanted to post this last week but , we were so busy I didn't get time. Which turned out okay. We are finishing up our crafts we started today, they had to have time to dry. These girls love crafts! Tammy and I have been doing crafts with the kids since they were babies. The great thing is now that we live closer we can do crafts together!:) This time we will meet at our house. I love this picture of Shelby helping Tiffany get her paint brush.

Outside working on our colored sand pictures. The kids use glue and make a design on the paper and then put colored sand on the paper. The drive way looked pretty after we were finished too.
Tiffany displaying the finished product.
I had video taped the kids doing their crafts only my computer is not down loading it. Hopefully soon I wont have so many technical difficulties.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I had to call Ronn home early today. Thank goodness Tegan and I were going to leave for school to pick up the kids early. I had locked the keys in the van. We where going no where! Ronn came to the rescue. Plus it was a nice surprise for the kids to have Dad pick them up.

Here sits the van. There is Molly, you can barely see her. She has a ear infection. Took her to the vet and she has meds. The Vet also sent home some antibiotics for Worm. Even have de-wormer for our farm cats. I will have to do a post on all the cats and dogs. :)

You can tell we live in the country with gravel roads.

Ronn came to the rescue one more time and unlocked the van. He is very handy around the house.:)

Tonight was the first night of Cub Scouts. He has been so excited! He was in the car waiting on his dad he was so anxious to leave. Tristan is my piddler he rarley gets going. So I came out to get his picture. This is the way I found him. He is also a jokester and fun loving. This is a travel pillow from our trip this weekend.

Cub Scouts went great he had a great time. The first fundraiser is to sell popcorn. So get ready to order some popcorn!:) It would be so much easier to just buy the uniform, only this would not teach him responsibility. So here we come Grandma and Grandpa S & O.:)

Monday, September 15, 2008

God's Providence

This weekend Ronn and I went to a conference. It ended up being one of the greatest getaways. We had some divine appointments. This weekend was what you would call a God Thing!
Everything was great until, on the airplane, we could not land at Indy. We had to go to St. Louis, due to the strong wind storm that Indy was having. As we landed in St Louis not knowing how long we would be there big tears welled up. I could not hold them back any longer. This was not in my plan for getting home. I knew the kids would be fine. I was the one who was a mess. Everything was out of my control. Have you had one of those moments before? I should of prepared myself for something going not as planned. The good news is we got home to Indy and we were only an hour and 15 min. later then scheduled. God is Good!! All the time!:)
It was good to see the kids. I had really missed them!
God has blessed us so much, I hope I don't forget how strong I feel his presence this weekend. Here is to a new week, and may God richly bless you!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tegan Enjoying His Harmonica

Here is Tegan playing his harmonica. I will next time make sure he doesn't see me taping him. That way you can see how neat it is to hear him make up a long song. This one is not to bad even if I am his mom. :) Tegan and I have enjoyed watching this over and over.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Sign Of Fall

After our Jamaican dinner (last post) we went outside to make smores. Maggie was over too.
It dosn't matter if we are in the city or the country we always have a camp fire in the fall. The weather was perfect for our small camp fire.

Here is our dog, Worm. He helped himself to a marshmellow on a stick too. One of the kids had set it down on the chair. The next thing we know Worm has eaten it.

I had to put this picture in too. Here is my Harmonica play'n boy. He was playing the harmonica so well last night, that I am kicking myself for not video taping him. It really sounded good. He was playing it right before bed, he was sitting in the dark playing to himself. It was really neat!

Ronn's Back

Thank you for all your prayers while Ronn has been away. He is home safe and sound. He brought us lots of neat Jamaican items to look at and taste. Last night he prepared us a Jamaican meal with the spices he brought home. It was very good!

He was able to meet with the staff in Jamaica and get to know them better. They sound like the neatest people! If you are thinking about a missions trip, nows the time to go! You won't want to miss this neat group of people.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Great Sept. Day

The weather has been great! We are really enjoying our Sept. weather.Look what we found!!!:)

We watched him swim in the pool.
This is what the frog looked at!!

Molly enjoying the outside too.

He looks like a science guy.:)

My tired boy.
We had a lot of fun outside, but we where all very tired!
Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Kids Teachers

As we were getting ready for school this morning I had the kids pick out there chips for there lunch box. Tegan had to have a lunch box too. I had to get a picture of them. Tegan did not like his head being touched by big brother, he is to big for that. :)
Tristans teacher this year is Mrs Burris. Tristan really likes his teacher. He really likes taking presents to her.
Tiffanys teacher is Mrs Kritsch. She really likes her teacher too. Tiffany is anxious to learn, the other day she was saying how something is not quite right in there class. I asked what she was talking about?" We are not learning the letter sounds yet." I had to chuckle, I said this is only the third day of school. You will learn your letter sounds soon.:)
The funny thing is if I want to go over those things with her I get the sigh and the do we have to? Thank God for teachers!