Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Grandma's New Reading Glasses

Tiffany is my creative girl. She made these glasses out of pipe cleaners. Tiffany looks so cute in them. I wanted her to show Grandma, only Grandma became impatient so she put them on. I had to grab the camera.
As you can see Tiffany wasn't to happy that Grandma had her glasses on. A few seconds later though the glasses became Grandma's early Christmas gift to Grandma. Grandma's comment a little later "I can see better!" I looked at her puzzled, she said it so convincing. My reply "really?" She looked at me and gave me a look and said "No" silently. Once again we had to laugh out loud.


Keym said...

Only your mom could rock those out!
Perhaps she would also like some BUNNIES!?

Yvette said...

Actually she loves BUNNIES and Blue birds.:)You know her well.;)